“Hello and happy holidays,

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Budd Van Lines for connecting us with such a professional and thoughtful gentleman for our move from Houston to Colorado from November 30 – December 11.

Roman S. was not just helpful, but extremely considerate and careful with our belongings. I was amazed to watch how carefully he and his crew wrapped our things to ensure there was no damage during the move, using multiple layers of blankets and other materials to protect. He gave us some great advice all along the way and was very accommodating to whatever we needed during the process.

He handled the weather conditions with ease and made it all look very easy and efficient. He was willing to do anything we needed to get our belongings to get packed even letting us know what items didn’t need to be boxed, which saved us quite a bit of time.

At one point I fell in my back yard having sprained my ankle pretty painfully. Roman and the entire crew seemed to stop what they were doing to rush over and check on me. He encouraged me to sit and rest, that they had everything under control and didn’t need me to be doing anything at all. He continued to check on my health not just that day but several times via text over the next week and upon arrival in Colorado. I was very impressed by how considerate and helpful he was.

Budd Van Lines has earned our respect and our trust and we will be referring others for moving needs in the future as well.

Thank you for making our move such an easy experience!

Brandon L. & Marvin M.”


Finally a move that went flawlessly !!

Chris W. was the reason for our perfect move. Chris’ professional demeanor never wavered. It started with his communication skills prior to the move with my wife (Marinda) and I. Once at the house he laid out a plan and explained the entire process to us. He briefed us numerous times during the move and was always on time and on target. Chris’ rapport with his packers and loaders was effortless as he guided them efficiently from start to finish. Chris’ attention to detail was a sight to behold. Not only did he ensure that our house and yard were protected throughout the move his special care of our belongings seemed like he was moving his own household.

Marinda and I grew up as military dependents and then we spent 25 years in the Marines, so we have been involved in dozens of moves. This move was heads and tails the best.

Budd Van Lines has a winner in Chris White as he represents all the best of the moving industry. Chris would be a valuable asset to any career field that he would choose. Budd Van Lines is fortunate to have him.

Looking forward to our move-in with Budd Van Lines and Chris.”

Dan and Marinda A.

“We’ve got some antique furniture including a pair of mirrored English armoires and we knew that they needed special handling.  After interviews and estimates from four moving companies including well known national brands, we found that Budd Van Lines had the most expertise handling delicate furniture.  Okay, we know this sounds dumb, but we were concerned that they were also giving us the best price.  How could they provide a superior service for less money?  But the Budd people really knew what they were doing with delicate pieces, so we went with them.

After we signed, our move coordinator told us to stop by their nearest facility and they’d give us some boxes.  Holy heck . . . two guys filled my minivan with over a hundred boxes of various sizes and another two came out with a dozen rolls of tape and four huge rolls of wrapping paper!  Many of the boxes had been used, but they were in perfect shape.  These packing materials would have cost us well over $500 . . . for free!!

And the move itself was incredible.  Two experts came a day early to label everything and scope what kind of equipment and crew would be needed.  On the day of the move, four guys arrived and went right to work.  Panels were placed over our wood floors and every piece of furniture was wrapped in quilts and taped like Christmas presents.  The armoires were wrapped and carried so carefully that we knew they would not be damaged.  When the crew left, there wasn’t a single scratch, ding or dent anywhere in the house.

How often is it that you get a much better service than you ever expected?  Talk to the other movers if you must, but if you go with Budd you will not be disappointed!”

Jerry and Tricia M. – COD Customer



I am writing you to point out what an outstanding job Israel S. and his team did in packing up our house over the past few days. My wife Sherry and I have been married for over 30 years. In those thirty years we have moved almost 20 times due to the nature of my military service and industry career. Those moves have always involved a professional moving service including a couple international moves. In all of those moves we have never had better service than what we got from Israel and his team.”

Andy H. – COD Customer


“We had a wonderful move out experience all around.
Valerie B. reached out to me several times to check on things, relay dates/times, and make sure everything was going smoothly. She was great!!
Julio E. and the two other guys helping were great as well. On time and very professional! Very impressed!

The overall experience has been great! We really appreciate how smoothly this process was for us!”

Thank you,
Charisse & Russ L. – -Corporate Transferee

“Hi Alan,
As promised, I want to formally thank you for making our move from Georgia to Rochester the best move we have made.  Not only did you make it easy and comfortable, your colleagues that we worked with were equally a pleasure.  Alicia was great to work with with the internal paperwork and questions we had.  We were particularly impressed with Karl and Antonio – their work effort was the best we have experienced.

Thanks again for making our move exceptional.”

All the best,

Jim – COD Customer


“Good Morning Ben,

My entire  work career was in customer service. And as such I heard nothing but complaints. So, when I have a wonderful positive experience, I go out of my way to make sure to acknowledge the people involved.

I can’t acknowledge every person involved because I don’t know them by name. But, I can tell you that Lisa, Israel, and Ray where extremely helpful and went out of their way to ensure a safe positive move.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how stressful a move across States can be especially in a case of a company relocation. I’d like to thank the entire team, but need to recognize Lisa, Israel and Ray the most.
Lisa walked me through the entire move from soup to nuts. She must have answered dozens of questions for me, no matter how insignificant they may have been. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Not to mention she followed up with me every day during the packing the move and the unpacking.

Israel was nothing short of spectacular. He was also very professional and knowledgeable and was in charge and knew everything that was going on. He took the time to explain the process walk us through the process and was there every inch of the way. He sensed when things started to become overwhelming for me and stopped what he was doing and literally talked me off the ledge. I can not stress enough how essential he was to this whole process. Everything in life should go so smoothly.

Ray helped pack and unpack us.  Besides being very professional and nice, he had the patience of a saint. Not to mention he remembered where things were boxed. More than once my kids asked him if he knew where something was and he knew in exactly which box it was in.

Sorry for the quickly composed email. I’m still in the process of reorganizing my new home but wanted to send this before time got away from me. So, I am typing away on my cell phone. Normally I would take the time to compose a well worded email in front of the computer.  But you get the gist.

Thank you for you time. Please express our sincere thanks and gratitude to your entire team, but especially Lisa, Israel and Ray.”


Christina R., Corporate Transferee


“All employees that I either spoke too, or came in contact with, were extremely polite and professional. If I had any questions or concerns they were quickly resolved.”

Shelley, Corporate Transferee,  Service Rating:  Excellent


“Bruce, the driver, went above and beyond to ensure that that all of the details were covered…protection on the floors, corners, doorways, railings…continuously asking if there was anything else that he or his team could do to help…he was punctual and cleaned up each day…I can’t say enough wonderful things about Bruce. His crew that he had w/ him in FL was also phenomenal. Some of the details those guys picked up on were amazing…for example, my spare inhaler was buried in a cabinet and it was set aside for me as an important item I’d want to pack since it was a Rx. In addition, they were a pleasure to have around, super hard working, I can’t say enough. I have zero complaints about the unpacking crew in PA but that FL crew who packed us up was special. This was my fourth move with LMCO and by far the best van line experience.”

Jenna H. — Letter to Management


“I’d like to commend you and Budd Van Lines on your outstanding service. Lamar, and his two crews in Colorado and one crew here in Delaware were nothing short of excellent. They showed up on-time, and were completely professional and friendly the entire time. Everything made it safe and sound from Colorado.

Lamar, in particular, was outstanding. He’s one of the most meticulous, professional, and courteous people I’ve ever met. I know I keep using the word “professional,” but that’s how I viewed him. He takes real pride in his moving service, knows the administration and paperwork like the back of his hand (very important), worked hard with the crews, and inspected everything meticulously when it arrived. I have zero suggestions for improvement, and I always have at least a few gripes – zero.

Congratulations on a job very well done.”

Daniel C. — Email to Coordinator


“Brian – I would like to thank you for the service of Nelson P. and his team, as well as Jesus E.  The move went very smoothly.  The team was organized and on time for the pack and load in New York and worked well with building management under the unusual circumstances.  Communication was regular and effective during the pack and load and all items tagged to remain in New York were left.  Nelson and his team arrived for delivery on time, were organized and gracious.  Each wore masks at all times and were attentive to our direction for the unload and unpack.  We did use the unpack service and it was helpful to check on the condition of items immediately and get the boxes and paper removed.  All was in good order. This was our 7th cross country move with my firm and the smoothest of them all.  I would use this team again and recommend to others.

Nancy – Thank you for your guidance through this process, effective communication and making sure that things went smoothly and according to schedule.”

Alan G. — Email to Brian & Nancy


“From the first minute I made a call to this company, Al B., the salesperson took care of me. They made it happen. They accommodated the exact day I needed to move. Al came in to scope what had to be moved and coordinated everything. The moving foreman, Manny M. was great. He came in also the day before to see what had to be moved. They were punctual on the moving day. They even came in an hour earlier to get started. They killed themselves to bring heavy fitness equipment down from the second floor from a steep stairwell. I cannot say good enough things about them. Really! Because of this Covid pandemic situation, a lot of moving companies aren’t doing anything. Hard to find a quality moving company that knows what they are doing. A lot moving companies during this time gave me false promises and bailed out the last second with every excuse from A to Z. If you want an accountable moving company, I highly recommend Budd Van Lines.”

Michel R.  — Google Review


Dear Gary,
I just wanted to commend your group for a seamless 3/4 move from our home in Columbus, OH to Dallas, TX. I can’t tell you how impressed we were with Tony, Ignatius and both crews with packing, loading and then unpacking and unloading. Not only were the gentlemen thorough, professional, eager to help in any way and respectful but they really took to heart the uniqueness of moving during a pandemic and were very thoughtful about social distancing, etc. I have heard so many sordid tales of moves. This was our first major move and I am forever grateful that it went as smoothly as it did. It was bittersweet as moves can be and especially during this challenging time but Tony and crew could not have been more wonderful. Kudos to your company in employing such hardworking men to not only get the job done but done exceptionally well.
We will be having to move 1/4 of our stuff in the coming months and would very much appreciate booking Tony and gang again.
Thank you much.
Susan A. R.


“To whom it may concern:
I just wanted to write in to Budd Van lines about my moving experience from Colorado to Texas. Todd M. was my driver and I cannot sing enough praises about him, as well as his crews in both states. We had moved across the country not even a year before with a different moving company and this time was so much different! So much less stressful, more organized and overall much better communication.

The entire moving process is overwhelming and difficult but I truly feel like Todd made it so much easier for me. My husband had already reported to work in Texas, so I was alone with my 3 kids under the age of 5 to get it all done. Todd was patient, thorough, and had excellent communication. All of my things were packed with care as if they were his own. They truly went above and beyond! Nothing was broken in transit, and there were no damages to either house. I felt so at peace that my stuff was loaded onto a truck, and sealed so it stayed in the container until it was delivered to me. The ‘new way’ to move is so smart! Having a peace of mind when all of your belongings are away from you for any period of time is priceless.

I have already recommended Budd to several friends and will continue to do so. Thank you again Todd for making an already stressful process, as easy as possible!
Thank you so much,
Eric and Hannah


“The movers were Outstanding; they were flexible and accommodating during this uncertain time, and took the right amount of time to pack my residence with care. Highly recommend Budd to my colleagues. Well done!”
Sean G.


“5 stars all-around. With all of the COVID craziness going on, Matt didn’t need to travel all the way to Boston to load and pack. Him and the team went above and beyond and we are grateful for this smooth, painless move during this crazy uncertain time.”

“…An order to shelter in place was handed down in our county to go into effect the next day after all of our items were packed. I was scared, sheltering at home can’t be done if you no longer have a home. With our current lease canceled and a new one in place in a different city I was nervous but I am so fortunate that neither Tonia or Keith were. They confidently packed and loaded our items to meet us in our new city. This is a crazy time and an even crazier time to be a household mover. Having movers that are confident and take charge of the situation are a true blessing. I’m glad that we got to meet both Tonia and Keith and hope that if we ever move again that we can have them be our movers!”


“Dear Gary,

After a relocation and a cross country move a little over 3 years ago my family and I were looking to move again. We had a positive experience with Merchants moving and since I had never coordinated such a move before I searched for them again. As luck would have it I found your company. I have nothing but positive things to say about everyone that I worked with. Alan B., Marianne H., and Alicia D. were the first people that I had contact with and they worked seamlessly with me even when plans changed.

After the move date was set, we were given word that Keith and Tonia V.were going to be our move team. We were so lucky that we got assigned to them. They arrived on time and ready to start packing. They treated our apartment as if it were their own home.

An order to shelter in place was handed down in our county to go into effect the next day after all of our items were packed. I was scared, sheltering at home can’t be done if you no longer have a home. With our current lease canceled and a new one in place in a different city I was nervous but I am so fortunate that neither Tonia or Keith were. They confidently packed and loaded our items to meet us in our new city. This is a crazy time and an even crazier time to be a household mover. Having movers that are confident and take charge of the situation are a true blessing. I’m glad that we got to meet both Tonia and Keith and hope that if we ever move again that we can have them be our movers!

Thank you for having such a great team of people working for your company. I would highly recommend Budd Van Lines to anyone I know and would absolutely use them for any future moves.

Thank you!


“As I am sure you are aware your company moved our residence from a rental house in Reynolds to our house which was recently constructed in a different part of Reynolds. Tim S. , Bobbie S., Corbin T. and Rome S. handled every aspect of the move . The move involved hundreds of boxes which remained boxed up from the move from New Jersey, also handled by Budd Van Lines. In addition, there were numerous heavy crates of furniture and fine art. The weather was miserably hot which made for a very difficult couple days. We want to let you know that Tim and his crew worked exceptionally hard in spite of the extremely hot weather. They were efficient, focused and could not have been more hospitable . They handled the entire move in a very professional manner . We would not hesitate in recommending Budd Van Lines. We were very pleased in every respect.”

Richard and Pamela S.


“My husband and I were relocating from Hoboken, NJ to Medfield, MA over the past couple of days. Chris, Bill, Todd and Junior moved us out of the apartment and were amazing. We lived up 3 flights of stairs and they went up and down over and over with not even a trace of a complaint. They were fast, showed up on time, and were as friendly as can be. They packed diligently and labeled everything exactly right.

They have now arrived in Medfield, MA where it is 4 degrees today. They are moving and shaking and taking their time to clarify where every box and piece of furniture is to go. Again, no complaints. They were here early and got right to work.

They are awesome. I would hire them again and again. Seriously…great guys, very professional, and extremely timely. I have moved about 7 different times in the past 11 years and this is by far THE best move and it is not even finished yet (but more than halfway done and really- just good, professional guys). Thanks,”

Rachel V.


“Third relocation and this move was by far the best.  The professionalism was top notch!”

Eric T.
Corporate Transferee


“I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job the team did on our move. I have moved at least 6 times and have seen everything. This was a great move! Everyone from the original packers to the unpackers were careful and respectful of our “treasures”. We have many delicate items, family antiques, paintings, and valuable musical instruments including a model A Steinway piano. It took professionals to accomplish this move. We really appreciate the tender care that was taken to pack, transport, and unpack these items from the east coast to the west and across the mountains. Before unloading, the team laid protection on our newly installed floors and covered the carpets. They managed the task with great efficiency.

Added to this, our household remained in storage for five months. By containerizing our items, they were only packed / unpacked one time. This gave us great peace of mind.

Last week, we were invited to a neighborhood party. The first question was, “How was your move?”. When we replied, “Great!”, everyone fell off their chairs and began recounting their horror stories. This makes our experience all the more amazing. Amazing describes your team. We are so grateful to you for helping us make our introduction to our new home a joyous one. Thank you!”

Allen B.
 Corporate Transferee


“With respect to the move, Alan B. and the Budd Van Lines were excellent, if not outstanding.  Specifically, they were highly professional in the bidding process, customer service and the actual packing, loading/unloading processes.  All their employees were extremely professional, courteous and highly attentive to making sure that all the household goods were packed and handled with great care.

Jane and I could not be more pleased.  Specifically, Alan and Chris, the on-site lead, were outstanding!

I would not hesitate to recommend them again!

…thank you as well for making this move for my family a brilliant success.”

David G
 Private Transferee


” We have been traveling a bit but are now settled into our place in Boston and I wanted to let you know how great our move  experience was.  We have moved 5 or 6 times on corporate relocations and Jeff and his team were by far the best. They were fantastic – customer focused, friendly, careful with our belongings, and patient with us. If ever we get the opportunity to recommend movers to friends or colleagues , Budd Van Lines and Jeff will be the team we think of.

Thanks again for everything and please pass along our thanks and hello’s to Jeff and team as well.”

Kevin & Dianne S.
 Private Transferee


“Last week Budd Vanlines moved our household from Cary, North Carolina to the Boston Massachusetts area.  Tony, Steve and the crew did an outstanding of packing, loading and unloading into our new house.  The move was very smooth and event free with all of our belongings arriving in Massachusetts safe and sound.  We have moved twice before and this Budd Crew was by far the best we have experienced. Thank you for a job well done!

Mark & Susan S.
 Private Transferee


“Budd Van Lines was much better than other van lines I’ve had in the past. I especially appreciated that the same people who packed up my home in Oregon unpacked me in Nebraska. They already knew a lot about my things and that sped up the process.”

Andrew N.
 Corporate Transferee


“Hi Alan,

Just wanted to thank you again for giving me the BEST moving team in this country!!!!!!! I never would have been able to close last Wed. with all the items in my over 5,000 square foot home without such  an efficient hard working team! Chris is to be commended as his work ethics are impeccable and his men respect him and request to work with him as they told me themselves. ”

Pat M.
 Corporate Transferee


“Dear All:

I recently used Budd Van Lines to move my household goods from New Jersey to Arizona, and I thought I would give you feedback regarding my experience.

My initial contact was with Mr. Alan B., who came to my home in New Jersey.  He was very pleasant and professional and explained the entire Budd Van Lines moving experience to me.  He answered all my questions, and was always available to answer further questions for several days afterwards.  He assured me that my household goods were safe with Budd, and he was not wrong.  The entire move went just as he explained, and he even provided an estimate of the weight and cost, which was very close to the final weight and cost.  I could not be happier with his services.

The actual move was carried out in New Jersey by Craig who was the supervisor of the entire team as well as the driver.  The individuals who assisted Craig were named Wiley, Jose and John.  From the beginning Craig took charge of the team in a very professional manner, and instructed them on every aspect of the job.  He also provided me and my wife with comfort and assurance that our household goods were safe in his hands.  He took time to show us how items were going to be packed and labeled, and how no item was either too big, nor to small, to receive his utmost professional care.

Craig  arrived at our destination in Arizona exactly how he planned.  He even called us days ahead of time to let us know his arrival date and time.  Once in Arizona he supervised Bryan, Mike and Paul.  Once again his supervisory skills were beyond reproach.  He guided the team and made sure that our household goods were unloaded without damage and placed exactly where they were intended to be on our new home.

I’m sure that you must be proud to have these individuals as part of Budd Van Lines – Especially  Craig .

I would be remiss if I didn’t also bring to your attention the valuable services performed by Sharon.  She was in constant communication with me, and followed us through every step of the moving experience.  She consistently asked if we were satisfied with the various aspects, and if there was anything else she could do to make our experience more pleasant.  She was always there, day-in and day-out, to answer any questions.  We really appreciated her constant follow-up, and she provided comfort into what would otherwise have been a very trying experience.

In summary, my inter-action with Budd Van Lines was extremely satisfying, and all of the individuals named above were key to our successful moving experience.  I would definitely recommend Budd Van Lines to others. ”


 Private Transferee



“Extremely pleased.  The driver and crew were first class!  They went above and beyond what I expected.  Thank you very much.”

 Corporate Transferee




I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for being that amazing point of contact during our move. You really helped settle my nerves of moving with your responsiveness and knowledge of the process. You always had answers and this made the process run smoothly.

I apologize I’m just sending this.  Once we moved in, we had 3 large groups of family and friends cycling through to visit already.

Thanks to Budd Van Lines, my house was ready immediately to start welcoming company!

You’re truly a sweetheart and hope that in our next move (in 2 years) I can work with you again.  Please know, I talked about you and the company all the times commenting on how great you are!!”

Again, THANK YOU!!!!

 Corporate Transferee


“I would like to share my recent experience of moving with your company. We were moving from the first home I purchased, the one we recently renovated and had no intention in moving from, the one in which my children were born. I expected the experience to be overwhelming and traumatic. In hearing stories from friends who moved using various moving companies, I was concerned that the things in my home that marked milestones and memories would be lost or broken.

My experience was nothing like I expected.

Roger, Jamie and their crew were amazing. God knew exactly what I needed in sending them to me. Roger’s calm, steady, capable personality and obvious years of experience raised my confidence immediately, and I knew everything was going to be alright. Jamie’s skill, humor and his willingness to allow my children to be part of the process—to teach them how and why things are packed a certain way—provided a skill set they can use in the future as well as cherished final memories of their first home. Every member of the crew was competent and diligent in their work. However, this is what stood out most: Whenever I asked a question, they would stop what they were doing, turn to look at me directly and fully answer whatever I wanted or needed to know. Through this simple courtesy, I knew I was valued, and I witnessed their high regard for me as human being—and the things in my home which expressed my history and personality. Never once did I get the impression that I was simply “a lady with stuff to move” or our family’s things and situation simply the means to earn money.

Moving is rated as one of the highest stressors, and yet, Roger and Jamie helped create an environment that allowed me to experience a peace, confidence and contentment that was, and is, beyond my understanding. As we sat in our new home, full-to-the-brim with boxes, one of our elder daughters said that she missed having them around. I replied that I, too, enjoyed having them in our lives, and that before they left we gave them a note of appreciation with an open-ended invitation to come back for a cup of coffee or a meal—that they would always be welcome in our home and at our table.

Our family is so thankful to be together again. Our nearly year-long separation due to my husband’s new job—the reason for our move—ended with a story different from that of our friends. Moving was a joy. When a faceless voice in a corporate office calls a big moving company to take a family from a life they know and love, it is easy for the people sitting in the living room to simply feel like the next customer number in a long, long line of faceless numbers. It is easy to believe the stories you hear and be afraid. It is easy to forget we are all real people with real hearts. When Roger walked up to the door, he immediately bestowed upon our family and our home a sense of honor and respect. He and his crew knew what was truly important and used their skill, their character and their life experiences to support our family through this challenging time. They are to be commended. We enjoyed hosting them and I believe the mutual honor and respect both encouraged the crew in their work and allowed our hearts to let go of a home we loved and embrace a house we look forward to making into a home.”

With Sincere Gratitude,

Christy & John S (with John Jr., Marit, Rebecca, Laura, Isaiah, and Sarah Joy)
 Corporate Transferee


“We were so pleased with Budd Van Lines and the subcontractor used.

Carlos  (at Budd) was very helpful particularly given the fact that we were facing challenges with the closing on the new house in Huntsville.  We were scheduled to have our items put in storage, and at the last minute, we found out we were definitely going to close on the house.  I called Carlos, he worked his magic, and our items were delivered to the house the day after closing. It all worked out perfectly.

The movers were amazing.  The crew was made up of four gentlemen (Carl, Sr., Carl, Jr., Antonio, and Marion) who were professional, thorough, kind, polite, etc.  The packers always called me “ma’am” and showed the utmost respect for us and our property.  I had no concerns at all with them in charge. I just can’t say enough good things about Budd and the packers/movers!  Please pass this on to the appropriate people.  I want to make sure they get extra “pats on the back” for their good work, Carlos, too.  Thank you! ”

Thank you, again,

Johanna F
Corporate Transferee


“I would like to thank Budd Van Lines and especially Craig and his crew (Timmy, Keith, Dave, James and Steve) for a fantastic move! The team’s attention to detail was exceptional.  The group’s team work was very impressive along with their organization of the process. The team conducted themselves processional and I felt went out of their way to make my family and me as comfortable as possible during the moving process. They handled our household goods as if the items were their own. I grew up in the moving business and have moved three times as part of my professional career therefore I have very high standard.  Craig’s team exceeded all my  expectations and made me conformable during the process. I cannot thank Craig’s team enough for make a normally stressful process stress free and incredibly smooth.

I would also like to thank Alan for taking the time to come up to Chazy, NY to personally perform the walk through of our home prior to the move.  It was nice to have someone directly associated with Budd Van Lines perform the per-move assessment. Alan was able to answer all of my questions during his visit.  I had looked on the internet for reviews regarding Budd Van Lines and several of the review I found were not favorable.  I was very transparent with Alan and asked him about the reviews. We had a great discussion and he assured me Budd Van Lines is a very professional company and reputable.  Based on my experience with Budd Van Lines, I would 100% agree with Alan’s statement.

Denise thank you for following the activities all the way through the move and checking in every day during the packing, loading and delivery to make sure all was going well.

I could not have asked for a better move and I would like to thank Budd Van Lines for all their efforts to make our move successful.”

Kind Regards,

 Corporate Transferee



“I recognize that this message is a bit late, but I still wanted to share with you a note of appreciation.

Your driver Randy lead the pack-up of our home in the Chicago area.  He and the crew (Mike, Jodi & Steve) were extremely professional, thorough, and took great care in handling our household items.  In addition, they took care of the house to ensure there was no damage and left it extremely clean.

Nancy has been wonderful as well – she called and followed up with us every day to ensure there were no concerns.

My husband and I have relocated 2 other times and this has been by far our best experience.  You have a great team at Budd Van Lines and they really made us comfortable in a situation that can be very stressful.”

Rebecca A.
 Corporate Transferee


“I’d like to share our gratitude with you for the great customer service provided by the entire Budd Van Lines team so far through our still-in-progress relocation from Maryland to California. Our initial move into temporary housing took place at the end of 2015 and over the holidays into January. We’re now in the process of buying a new home here in CA and look forward to completing our relocation within the next couple of months.

I’d like to convey our thanks to Craig for his role in helping us transport our worldly goods westward. Craig’s focus on customer satisfaction has exceeded expectations – as he went above and beyond on multiple occasions to ensure that we made a smooth cross-country transition. For example, when we realized that we sent into storage a few items that we actually wanted to have in our temporary housing, he took the time to fish them out and deliver them to our temp home along with the other household goods that were tagged for the apartment. We’d be very happy if Craig also helps with our final move in a couple of months. Thank you Craig!

Thank you also to Carlos who has worked closely with us from the very beginning when we started this adventure last July. Carlos has been incredibly proactive and responsive in order to make sure that the overall move process is successful and as smooth as possible. We look forward to working with him through the rest of the process. Thank you Carlos!”

Alan L.
 Corporate Transferee


“I wanted to send a quick note regarding the exceptional service provided by Tony and his helper, Al. They were very helpful, professional, and were very considerate of my belongings. Most importantly, I felt like I could trust them. While moving can be a stressful exercise, I felt like they made the process run smoothly and alleviated any concerns I had. From the packing stage in Miami through to when Tony dropped my belongings off in DC, he remained in constant communication and handled the entire process in a professional manner.

Thank you for employing hard working individuals with a high degree of character.”

Ryan V.
 Corporate Transferee


“I recently moved from Madison, MS to Roswell, GA.  I work for an insurance company and our relocation company contacted your company to move me and my family.  Your driver was Tony  and his associate’s name was Ray.

We are not fully unpacked and I have many boxes to open, but at this point in time I have to say that Tony and Ray handled this move with a very high degree of professionalism.  There were some issues at the front end (not your driver’s fault) that were overcome and on the back end (we had too much junk) and he worked through all of these and was still able to hit his delivery date.

Moving is stressful, but both Tony and Ray handled everything that came up, never got upset and displayed professionalism throughout the move.  Simply put, they took good care of us.  When I have to move again, I don’t know how easy it would be, but I certainly will ask our relocation company to see if Tony and Ray are available. ”

Robert Seder
 Corporate Transferee


“I am newly moved from Los Angeles, CA to Plano, TX  this week.   I would like to let you how much we have enjoyed the great services provided by your team in Budd Van Lines, specifically the trucking team led by the driver Tony.  In short, Tony is a true professional in every way, caring to provide the best services to ensure that our moving experience is effective, peaceful, and issue-free.  Throughout the packing and transporting period, he has been on the top of the game and made sure that his team will perform flawlessly, especially on our valuable items like piano and crystal-glasses.  As a direct result of his professionalism,  our entire trucking/packing/unpacking experience has become the highlight of our moving process and is absolutely worry-free.  Just would like to let you know that my family and I deeply appreciate the wonderful services Tony and his team provided and we will definitely recommend others to use him in the future.  Thank you very much for having such a great leader and professional in your team!”

Ming-Tsu Wang
 Corporate Transferee


“A huge thank you to you for being there. I know you move dozens of families each day, but your follow-up and kind voice really made the trauma a lot easier to bear. You probably hear this a lot, but I really want you to know that it really went far better than I could have hoped, and I’m very grateful for the help you and your team – Alan, Mike and you – provided.  I hope I never have to move again, but of course this house is way too large for us to retire into, so maybe I’ll be calling you in a few years.

I am so glad that Denise shared those comments. At MB, we live a culture of customer service, and so when I receive excellent service I make the time to recognize it. After all, we get what we reward. Moving can be such a hard thing – not just the mechanical aspects of packing and unpacking, but the psychological shock, and that’s where everyone I dealt with in your company really helped. I was treated like a person, not a client, and got to know a little bit about each of them. It isn’t something I’ll forget, and good memories are what make a reputation, isn’t it?”

Donald Rotolo
 Corporate Transferee


“We completed our move to our new home in Florida in October with the exceptional assistance of Budd Van Lines (Budd).  Moving is always a stressful experience, but your team at Budd aided in reducing the stress related to the actual moving of our furniture and personal items.  From the very start your team exhibited a “customer focused” approach and were consummate professionals.

Sharon Rudolph was our move coordinator and she guided us through the planning phase of the move and checked with us daily during the move to make sure we were being taken  care of and any concerns or problems with the move (there were none) were addressed.

Your move team consisting of the driver (Dennis) and the three gentlemen who assisted him (Harold, Darren and Sterling) were outstanding to work with, displayed great care in the handling and packing of our possessions and provided valuable assistance in the un-packing of our possessions.  They worked as hard as any team I have witnessed and above all were a total joy to have in our house.  They were great representatives of Budd and I would highly recommend them and Budd to anyone needing to move.  I also want to commend Budd on your philosophy of having the same team that packs our items also deliver our items.  Having spoken to new neighbors who used other moving services, this philosophy and your team generated a moving experience for us that was far superior to that described by our neighbors who utilized other national moving companies.

Thank you again for your assistance Alan, and feel free to use me as an enthusiastic reference for the services of Budd Van Lines.”

Don Weber
 Private Transferee



In today’s world I find that most people only make comments to complain regarding a service they received, however it was important to me that I share what exceptional service we received from Budd Van Lines. My Coordinator and Driver Team were first rate and phenomenal in what they do. I wanted to share my gratitude for their exceptional service and make sure that they were recognized for it.”

Charlie Stalle
Miller Coors


“We recently moved using Budd Van Lines. I just wanted to write to let you know how pleased we are with the people who represent your company. Our Van driver was a man named Larry. He and his crew took exceptional care and made the move go very smoothly.
I was set at ease from the moment the big truck arrived. It was immaculately clean, and the driver, Larry, immediately covered our flooring to protect the carpeting and wood floors of the house. His crew worked tirelessly and had the house loaded in very short order. On the delivery end they again worked very hard, and had our things installed into the house very professionally. The packing crew also impressed us as they professionally and carefully packed our things.

I am happy to report that everything arrived and was delivered in good order. Having updates from Cyndi was a very nice touch. It made us feel that this move was important to your organization and that we were in good hands. You obviously operate a first class organization, and we are very grateful.”


Brett Graham
Corporate Transferee


This is our 4th relocation and I can say with absolute certainty that THIS WAS BY FAR THE BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EVER!

From the service and professionalism of the coordinators and field teams, we have never been more impressed. Before this move, we promised each other this would be our last move ever!

This Budd Lines experience has made us reconsider that promise. In fact, my wife’s direct quote was, “If I could get this team consistently, I would consider moving every couple of years”. This is from a woman who gets VERY, VERY stressed by big moves. WOW!

In short, I have seen an extreme transformation over the last few months from a sincere resolve never to move again to a mindset of “where should we move next”. -All this during the months that should have been the absolute worst! AMAZING IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!

A SINCERE AND HEART FELT THANK YOU BUDD VAN LINES! Our family will always request this BUDD VAN LINES TEAM!-See you again in 2 years!”

Bryan Lines


“Just a quick note to say thank you. From the front end when we were packed up by Cornelius, Marion, and David to the delivery by Jim, Chris, and Phil you guys are awesome.
My family has been treated very well by you, your colleagues, and your company. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

It’s hard work to provide a service with a personal touch. You and your teams have shown that you are definitely working hard. God bless you for making our move a great experience.”

Ryan McKinney
Electrolux Appliances


“That move went great. I was very impressed with Richard, the driver. He was very professional and also personable. Man, those guys work hard, whatever they get paid, it isn’t enough :)”

Nick Bogner
Honeywell Corp.


“I am an executive with Raytheon Corporation and this past September, for the second time in four years, your company has moved our home without a glitch. I have moved 17 times in 34 years so I consider myself knowledgable in what constitutes a good move. No one does it better than Budd. I am quite often asked both within and outside Raytheon, whom one should consider for thier movers. It’s an easy answer – Budd Van Lines.”

James B. Schepley
Raytheon Corporation


“I just can’t say enough about the terrific job they did. Even our kids had a fun time while they were here. It was a tough move for us and they really helped our whole family make the move as easy as possible.”

Brent and Pam Bott
Navistar International


“I’ve been dealing with movers since I was a teenager. The two men at my house were the nicest guys EVER. They were fantastic. Thank you for making this painless, extraordinarily painless and pleasant.”

Lisa Adams
Private Transferee


“We had a great experience with our move. You and your entire team gave us outstanding, professional service. I have moved about 10 times and this was the best service I ever had.”

Frank Hudson
Vice President of Finance at Agensys, Inc.


“Outstanding Service. Like no other. Highly recommended!”

Damian Ebanks
Manager at HH Gregg, Inc.


“Recently I contracted with your firm to move goods from a home in northwest Indiana to central Texas.  During a corporate relocation, my sister had benefited from her experience with Budd and she had recommended the firm and suggested I contact Alan Bronstein to arrange for a quote.  While my overall experience with Budd was positive, Mr. Bronstein particularly distinguished himself.

Each interaction with him, rather by phone or by email, instilled confidence and trust.  He was responsive but more importantly, his communications provided clear detail, and he was helpful and decisive.  When I sought further understanding or asked for guidance, Mr. Bronstein either immediately knew the answer or if he needed to coordinate with a colleague, he got back to me in a reasonable time frame so that I could plan accordingly.  The personal mover assigned to me was pleasant but relatively new to Budd; therefore, some of my questions were new topics to her.   Mr. Bronstein backstopped her and did so in a cheery manner, despite handling much larger time-consuming corporate accounts.

I sought quotes from a total of five moving companies.  Other sales personnel  ranged from too fast and loose with the facts to pushy and rude.  As I interacted with these people, I kept an old adage in mind: “the first date is oftentimes an indication of what married life will become”.   Equally important, a low price never compensates for poor service.  Mr. Bronstein quoted a fair price and provided superlative service.  It doesn’t get any better.

Your firm is fortunate to have him as your leading representative.  Thank you.”

Kathy Mankin
 Private Transferee


“To whom it may concern,    I just wanted to take a minute to offer my thanks for the team that you assigned for my recent move from Colorado to California.  This was my 18th move (sixteen while I was in the Air Force and one previous corporate move), so I have a bit of experience with moving companies and the folks who do the actual packing and moving.  The team of Mike, Daniel, and Jesse was, hands down, the best team I have ever had the privilege of working with.  Their professionalism is unmatched, their efficiency is phenomenal, and even more rare, their teamwork and friendly personalities were a joy to behold.  Although I don’t intend to move again for a while, if I do, I would like nothing more that to work with these three again.  They are seriously that good.”

Wade J. Thompson
 Corporate Transferee


“On June 16-19th, Kelly, Brandon and his team packed up our household goods in Lytle, Texas and delivered them to Joshua, Texas.  I cannot say enough good things about this team.  They were efficient, hardworking, dedicated, and pleasant to be around.  It was hot, hard work and they were accommodating and the most professional folks I have ever been around.  In particular, the young men on Brandon’s team could give lessons on courtesy and professionalism to the majority of people I know.  We are still unpacking, but so far everything arrived safely and no issues noted to date.

I will recommend Budd Van Lines to anyone looking for a moving service based on the outstanding service provided during this relocation. ”

Stacy L. Rice
 Corporate Transferee



“I just wanted to drop you a note to express how pleased we are with our moving experience. All the Budd Van Lines personnel have been very helpful and attentive. From the office to the field, we felt like we were a top priority. The moving crew was awesome. Brandon and his team showed such care for both our family and our belongings it was impressive. It is good to know there are still companies out there that hire quality people and take customer service so seriously.

Thank you and keep up the good work.”

Jeff and Cynthia Westcott
 Corporate Transferee



“What a great crew … energetic, hardworking, polite, and all gentlemen.  It’s one thing to respond to a request we may have, it’s something entirely different to anticipate my needs and to be thinking for me (especially when things start going fast and furious).  I got the sense they were unpacking us as is if they were going to be living there too!  There wasn’t one request that they wouldn’t accommodate, and did with eagerness and giant smiles.

There is one other attribute I may have left out, and the was the true team work. They were constantly watching out for each other, backing each other, and motivating each other.  I could ask something of one and the others somehow already knew.   I had so much confidence in these guys, they were a joy to have around …

Claire and I would put it this way; we are not going hire this crew the next time; we are going to ADOPT them because we were sad to see them go!”

Tim Szczerbinski
 Corporate Transferee


“Your driver, Tony , made my move better than I could have imagined.  I have moved 10 times in 24 years due to my husband’s job and Budd Van Lines moved us before from Pembroke Pines, FL to Annandale, NJ but nothing compares to the beyond the call of duty that Tony showed to me with this move from Livermore, CA, to Bessemer, AL.  He and Ray, the main packer, had a fantastic “can do attitude” and helped me when I was all alone trying to figure out how to survive the sale of that house, and to keep the walls and floors protected for the new owners,  THEY DID IT WONDERFULLY!

I appreciate everything  he and Ray did for me.  They treated me like I was kin to them and made certain everything had been not only packed correctly,  but all furniture reassembled in the new house, boxes delivered and moved into the house with walking room inside the house, as  well as space to park the cars in the basement garage all in the stifling humid heat of the south.  What a delight to have them!  All I can say is he was the best mover  I have ever had the experience of working with and  helping me and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated him and Ray.  You have a fabulous team with those two men!

Again, Tony was so courteous, professional and respectful at all times, he was an absolute delight to have around.  Ray ran circles around much younger men and just did whatever was required.

Thank you for the time you took to read this and I hope you realize what gems you have with those two men.  They are a asset to your company.”

DiAnne Clark Jones
 Corporate Transferee


“This past week my family and I had the pleasure of working with Craig and his crew (Jesse , Hannah and Jason ).  This way my family’s first move cross country and didn’t know what to expect.  Hearing stories from friends who have hired movers, I was a bit nervous.  Craig and his crew exceeded my expectations and will always be recommended to family and friends who plan on moving.  They were on time, packed my entire house (not an easy job with two very curious little boys), loaded their truck, drove from Florida to Colorado and unloaded all of our belongings without a single item misplaced or broken.  They even took the time to put together beds an outside company was going to do a few days later.  I was blown away at the amount of work the four of them did in the time given as well as the professionalism they brought.  The crew was able to answer any question I had, joked with my boys and quite frankly were a great crew to be around!  I can’t say it enough, but thank you to Craig, Jesse, Hannah, Jason and Budd Van Lines who have made this cross country move such an enjoyable experience.”

Mary and Nicholas Legg
 Corporate Transferee